Meet the team behind the project

Principal Researcher of NOMOTELEIA

Maria Mimikou (Professor of NTUA)

Maria Mimikou (Professor at NTUA)

She has an extensive research and teaching experience in the field of Water Resources Management. Her scientific interests include, inter alia, distributed modeling using GIS, application of remote-sensing data and ground measurements for flood forecasting, drought analysis and development of hydrologic observatory networks.

Research Team of NOMOTELEIA

The multi-disciplinary character of this project is additionally supported by the composition of the Research Team, which brings a variety of complementary skills to the table
Evangelos Baltas (Associate Professor of NTUA)

Evangelos Baltas (Associate Professor at NTUA)

An expert in agricultural water management

Christos Makropoulos (Assistant Professor of NTUA)

Christos Makropoulos (Assistant Professor at NTUA)

An expert in hydro-informatics

Athanasios Kampas (Assistant Professor in AUA)

Athanasios Kampas (Assistant Professor at AUA)

An expert in agricultural economics

The research team is also supported by a Post-doctoral researcher and a PhD candidate.